To be feminine is to....

As a female, I realise this: I will never be able to receive a blow job :( Oh the hardships of being a woman. Well, I'm not really a woman yet but you get the gist.

LOL and that will lead to this:

Stupid men! They are always taking and receiving. (being on the receiving end of a blowjob)

And Ladies are giving and uhh... seeks to give service?

What's the antonym of receiving anyway? Oh WTF  and WATEVA
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I already got a blog from Blogger but I decided make to Live journal one because I wanted to see the POTmannequins' posts.

ARGH!! I was so devastated when I found out that it was Friends view only so I eventually got desperate and made one so I can friend them. Well, the plus is that I get to comment now! YAY! :D

I also just started using Blogger (there's only two posts so far) and this is the first post for Live journal so why not make them co-exist together? Sister sites! :D

Its interesting to see the different features that Blogger and Live journal have, I'm loving the mood thingy. Hehe

I feel bad for just creating an account just for looking at other people's posts and taking an username so I guess I better use this Live journal account so it is worthwhile and worthy enough for other people to read.

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